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Well Roasted - Colombia Excelso Coffee


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200g bag of Columbian Excelso EP coffee from the Huila region - whole beans, or ground as you like it. This product is Rainforest Alliance certified. A very even, rich body and extremely satisfying coffee Balanced acidity, initial sweetness, little winey and slight notes of fruit. Bittersweet, dark cocoa finish.  

William Scott, founder and owner of Well & Roasted is a coffee roaster, coffee lover & coffee traveller with visits to coffee countries around the world including Kenya, Colombia, India, Sri Lanka, Australia and Jamaica. He is a trained Barista with many years experience in the coffee industry.
The company is called Well Roasted Coffee (with a subtle ‘&’ between Well & Roasted) to show they are local to the Welland Valley. Their Rain Forest Alliance certified Arabica Coffees are all roasted by William locally in Desborough, Northamptonshire
These specially selected coffees are hand roasted to a medium roast to retain the nuances associated with the region and country of origin.
The coffees are supplied in 200g Kraft bags (resealable and with an air-vent that help retain freshness) as a Whole Bean or any Grind to suit your coffee maker.  A 200g bag will give you 13 double espressos or 13 2cup Cafetiere Coffees or 13 Aeropress coffees or 8 V02 Dripper Coffees @400ml pots.

Supplier Well Roasted
Ingredients Colombian coffee beans
Shelf Life Use within 6 months of purchase
Allergen Information
Category Tea & Coffee